June 23, 2016 Nohoch Nah Chich After weeks of humping tanks in…

June 23, 2016

Nohoch Nah Chich

After weeks of humping tanks in and out of holes, enduring bug ridden walks, this cenote offered fairly plush access to the water.

Travel north on 307 watching for the sign (right side of fourlane) for Labnaha Expeditions-Caracol, etc. Move to the left lane in anticipation of the “retorno” for the U-turn. On the left side of the highway you will see the sign for Caracol. Make the U-turn and then turn right down the dirt track marked by the Caracol sign. You will eventually come to a right hand turn marked by a sign that reads: Rancho Felipe (Nohoch Nah Chich). Follow the driveway to a compound with buildings and covered parking. You will see a table on the left for dive gear. The stairs to the water are on the right. Pay the attendant 200 pesos per diver.

There are lots of tourists here. They have a zip line and snorkeling so you will be sharing the nice wooden deck at the base of the stairs with the throngs–this is not an issue. The wooden deck is large and the owners have dedicated the closest set of stairs into the water for the divers.

Gear up and swim along the platform keeping the deck on your right to its end. Continue with a left-wise direction for about 75 feet. Move on a diagonal left again to the main line. Finding the line was tricky, but the depths are shallow, and we didn’t use much gas. We did use a reel and put in a primary line.

The main line takes you through massive rooms and chambers with formations that are magnitudes bigger than any cave we’ve been in. The cave is shallow so the dives are long. Our dive was a 100 minutes. Pay attention because you will pass through ‘Heavens Gate’–see photos by #MauroBordignon on facebook.

We had a great dive here and it was refreshing to have such an easy entry to the water. The rooms and formations were magnificent, the spaces vast. Sometimes it felt like we had no lights, because there was just water and a thin, white line before reaching another set of structures.