pdelannoy: Cuba Hello! It’s been a while since my last post….



Hello! It’s been a while since my last post. Once again I’m on the road to cave dive. Well maybe not because so far I have been unable to make any contacts in Cuba to set up any diving. So on this trip my goal is to find cenotes and make a contact and then go back and dive this spring.

I also intend to provide information on traveling to Cuba since it’s still not straight forward for US citizens to do so. First, there are US airlines flying to Cuba and we are flying with Jet Blue. Second, the visa is done through the airline. It’s all part of the booking process. I’ll update my blog as we actually go through the process of getting to Cuba.

You can’t use US credit cards in Cuba so you need to take cash. Booking things like hotels, and as I said above, making contacts through the Internet is difficult…every time I emailed a contact using an address off a web page I got a middle man in Europe.
So we booked housing through Airbnb and paid via PayPal. And I gave up trying to find a cave diving operation and will investigate that issue on foot so to speak. I’m searching for a guy named Francis who lives in Playa Larga and is a cave diver…got cenote?

We began the trip this morning at 3:00 am and fly to Charlotte, North Carolina and then onto Fort Lauderdale, Florida where we will spend the night. Of course flying would not be fun without a hurricane making landfall along the east coast of Florida so we may not make Florida tonight…we’ll see. Then tomorrow we make the jump to Cuba if our luck holds out.