Localisation : Malessert (Grotte de) [MAL-VF7 et VF8] / Asvfspeleo

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Although this website may contain detailed information on caves, it was not designed to facilitate underground exploration by non cavers. All hazards are not necessarily reported and each and every information mentioned may not be verified.

Caving is a multi-sided activity : cultural, scientific and athletic. It often requires physical commitment and stamina. It is also involves risks, and even major risks.
These risks, if they cannot be completely eliminated, are at least greatly reduced by safe and established practices which are fully understood when undertaken with a caving club.

GrottoCenter, its representatives and its contributors cannot be held liable for bad practices in caving, or for any accident or damage that might occur in the caves mentioned on this web site.

Any novice caver who would like to engage in underground exploration is urged to contact a caving club. The names and contact information may be be obtained, among other sources, from the IUS (International Union of Speleology), from GrottoCenter or from national federations and agencies.